Classical Guitar in the Fleta Tradition

I believe this guitar to be ideally suited for Baroque and South American music, which contains a lot of counterpoint and needs extreme separation, focus and clarity. The construction is a stout 9-fan braced design, resulting in great dynamic headroom (how well it responds to loud dynamic peaks). The sound is very balanced in volume between trebles and basses, and the relative timbre of the trebles and basses is also very uniform.

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I don't want to come across like this guitar is a Fleta copy, because I really try to incorporate my own preference into the sound. It is, however, constructed as closely as possible to numerous Fletas I have studied. Because of the instrument's architecture, it does end up with a family resemblance of really good sustain, lots of fundamentals in the notes, and a powerful, projective sound. I always try to skew my sound toward more lyrical, singing trebles, whereas some original Fletas are a bit harsh and sharp.

Furthermore, I strive to improve the playability compared to some original Fletas, which admittedly could be a bit hard to play. By carefully selecting materials and precisely setting up the action, my guitar respond easily to both the right and left hand.

The Fleta body fits very well in the lap. The slightly more curvy upper bout sits happily on the left leg, and the slightly longer body improves the balance of the instrument from head to tail. Many say it's a more pleasing guitar shape than many others, slightly reminiscent of a cello…

This Guitar Features:

Body dimensions are:

Standard neck dimensions are:

* custom dimensions are, of course, available