Classical Guitar in the Elliott/Hauser Tradition

The Jeff Elliott-design Hauser is a versatile guitar , and will play, for example, Baroque and Romantic music equally well. A traditional 7-fan braced design and open harmonic bars highlight the construction. The guitar is fairly lightly built, with little excess weight anywhere. These aspects result in a very responsive instrument that sings to the lightest touch with beautiful, clear notes. The sound is balanced and even across the register, and the timbre of the trebles and basses is relatively complex and rich in harmonics.

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As with my guitars built in the Fleta style, I do not wish to claim that the guitar built in this tradition is an Elliott copy, as I try to incorporate my own preferences into this sound too. Is is, however, constructed according to my studies in person with Jeff Elliott and from studies of his instruments. The similarities in construction create a similarity of tone. The sound is best characterized as having good sustain, strong and easy to produce trebles, good projection, and relatively deep, resonant basses. Again, as with my Fletas, I skew my sound toward rounder, singing trebles.

The Elliott-design guitar is very responsive and easy to handle. I emulate the characteristics of Jeff's guitars by following his careful attention to material weights and stiffness, and to setting up the neck geometry and action of the instrument.

The body of this style of guitar would be considered mid-size. It's certainly larger than many Torres guitars, but smaller than guitars by Ramirez. The body is about 10 mm (3/8") shorter than my Fleta shape, but the width is nearly identical.

This Guitar Features:

Body dimensions are:

Standard neck dimensions are:

* custom dimensions are, of course, available